About Us

Young Century Group was founded in 2011 in America’s one-time capital of Philadelphia. Located between New York and Washington D.C., the company boasts a cosmopolitan setting right at the center of the highest concentration of top schools in the United States. We have established collaborative relationships with the leading educational institutions of both the US and China and our high-quality service has won us a spot on the esteemed CSIET Advisory List. Young Century is dedicated to strengthening Sino-U.S. educational and cultural exchange through helping Chinese students realize their dream of studying abroad. We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Auckland, and support a wide variety of cooperative programs that involve both Chinese and American institutions of higher learning.

During the course of the application process, Young Century acts as a bridge between students and their target colleges. Once our students arrive in the U.S. to live and study, Young Century offers them a wide variety of services, including thoughtful and attentive care, academic advice, and guidance for planning their futures. This high-quality service allows students to better acclimate to their new environment, deeply immerse themselves in the culture, plan their professional careers, and become truly globally-minded individuals.

To Young Century, nothing is more important than the education of young people, and we strive to provide the best possible environment for students to thrive. We look forward to being by your side as you advance your education!