US Summer and Winter Programs

Young Century Group offers a rich and varied selection of intercultural summer and winter study abroad programs. Neither pure study nor simple travel, these programs offer students a chance to enjoy both the academic and recreational aspects of study abroad. Our programs are designed as a unique fusion of Eastern and Western linguistic and cultural environments in order to broaden students’ horizons while easing them into the American education system. Young Century Group guides students to discover their future goals and interests, providing students with experiences that will undoubtedly influence their life paths. Students who participate in these programs will visit each of the most famous eastern US cities, including Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston to gain exposure to some of the most cutting edge and prestigious schools in the world. Young Century Group’s summer and winter programs give students the opportunity to fully experience American life, culture, and education.

Cutting-edge Private Boarding High School Exploration Program gives students the opportunity to:

  • Personally, experience the living environment of top American private boarding high schools
  • Live and study with talented students in the most prominent American private high schools
  • Experience and engage the top schools on America’s eastern seaboard, and communicate face-to-face with admissions officers representing America’s most high-profile high schools
  • Gain access to professional American educators who can authoritatively test and evaluate students’ academic levels and capabilities
  • Experience full immersion with some of the most passionate and talented faculty teams in the US
  • Take advantage of small class sizes (ranging from 3 to 12 students per class), which provide each student with more individualized attention and support
  • Engage with stimulating course material, including subjects such as English, Physical and Natural Sciences, Arts, Physical Education, and the Humanities
  • Dine on delicious and healthy food prepared by experienced chefs
  • Partake in an abundance of colorful and interesting extracurricular activities, including weekend outings and physical activities provided by our program
  • Take advantage of the expertise of American teachers employed by Young Century Group who, by assisting in the application process, enhance students’ chances of admission into top American boarding schools

STEAM Summer Camp Program at American Private Colleges

Through collaboration with Young Century Group, a number of American private colleges offer unforgettable STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) summer camp programs that range from two to three weeks in length. STEAM education is aimed at breaking the barriers among various disciplines. STEAM provides students with an in-depth yet comprehensive introduction to the arts and sciences and helps them develop necessary tools for solving real-world problems. STEAM summer camp programs are divided into five major categories and twenty-three summer camp themes. These range in scope from astronomy, physics, and the life sciences to physical education, zoology, botany, media, music, programming, and the arts. During the program, Young Century Group will organize tours to American ivy-league universities, giving students the opportunity to consult admissions officers face-to-face while personally experiencing the educational environment of the world’s top schools. What’s more, outside of the academic component of the program, students are also given the option of living in an American home-stay in order to broaden their horizons and experience American culture and life.

Winter-term Audit Program: This program is Young Century Group’s most popular and specialized winter audit program. It offers students the chance to study and live alongside their American peers, listen in on their courses, and experience complete immersion in preparation for studying abroad in the US.

Young Century Group employs highly qualified and talented faculty teams for its summer and winter programs, providing students with rich and substantial academic courses, thoughtful student-life services, and a high level of travel safety. Young Century Group has designed an optimized itinerary for all of its programs and provides a wide array of additional services.

We welcome and look forward to your enrollment in our summer and winter programs. We guarantee that these unforgettable experiences will open a whole world of new possibilities for our students.