Host Family Service

Each year, thousands of families across the U.S. welcome international students. You gain a new son, daughter, sister, or brother with whom you share your culture. You are an essential part of creating leaders of a better tomorrow through the personal relationship and language and cultural immersion home stay offers.

Our Requirements

  • Provide a warm and loving home with full room and board.
  • Local transportation (students are not permitted to drive during the program)
  • Students will be attended a Private School nearby your area
  • Treat the student as a member of the family, which may include household rules and responsibilities.
  • Show love and care with an open heart.
  • Enjoy the enriching experience of becoming a host family.


  • Demonstrate love, care, and an open mind
  • Provide full room and board
  • Provide transportation to and from school
  • Treat the student as a member of your family, with rules and responsibilities

With Young Century

Once you join the Young Century family and are successfully matched with your student, Young Century staff provide orientation for you and your student.

Our bilingual staffs are available 24-7 in case of an emergency, and our local coordinators support you and your student’s communication throughout the program.

For more information contact us.

Become a Coordinator

What is a Local Coordinator?

Local Coordinators support schools and host families in a given area from the day the student arrives on the day they return home. A successful coordinator is excited to share American culture with international students and values the exchange student program.

What are the responsibilities?

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with local private high schools
  • Network within the community to promote the program and recruit potential host families
  • Interview and screen host families and help match them to the right student
  • Maintain frequent and continuous contact with students, host families, and schools throughout the year
  • Collect schools’ and host families’ monthly reports for the students
  • Support students and host families and assist in the case of a student emergency