Young Century Group maintains close partnerships with many of the most renowned and academically distinguished schools in the US’ Northeast, especially in the Philadelphia area. Young Century’s mission is to strengthen cooperation between Chinese and American academia and to give students the opportunity to become truly global scholars. Young Century is dedicated to organizing top-quality cooperative academic programs in every field and helping more and more Chinese students realize their educational dreams. The following are some of Young Century Group’s first-rate core programs:


1. Elite Business School Program

This program is composed of a selection of core classes and electives from various areas of business, offered by the Walton School of Business and other authoritative business schools. Top professors and experts teach students to deal with practical business issues, combining expert experience with specialized knowledge. Through courses, lectures, and cultural events, students will learn the principles of innovation, successful marketing strategies, leadership, and how to objectively analyze real-world cases studies. After completing courses, each student will be awarded an elite certificate issued by their business school. Our business program puts entrepreneurs on the road to success!


2. Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Young Century Group dedicates itself to offering the highest quality early childhood education programs. This program offers students a chance to earn a certificate at a tuition rate that is no higher than its domestic Chinese equivalent. The certificate in early childhood education is a chance to benefit from one of the strongest areas of education that American academia has to offer. During courses, students are given the opportunity to intern at the various kindergartens and elementary schools in the vicinity of their school. After courses are completed, students are awarded credits recognized by both Chinese and American universities. During their training, Chinese students will live in university campus dorms, allowing them the full immersion in American language and culture.


3. “2+2” Associates Degree to Bachelor’s Degree Program

Young Century Group maintains connections with many northeastern community colleges and universities in the US that offer a wide variety of two-year programs. Our 2+2 program gives students the chance to complete their freshman and sophomore years at a two-year professional or community college, after which they will have the option of transferring to another school for their junior and senior years. After completing courses at their two-year school, students will receive an associate’s degree. In the United States, local and community colleges have an agreement with public universities in their state, allowing students that maintain a certain level of academic performance during their first two years to continue their junior and senior years at a state university. Upon the successful completion of their last two years, students will be awarded a fully accredited bachelor’s degree.


4. “2+3” High School to College Program

This is a program that Young Century Group has created specifically for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Chinese high school students take classes in the United States beginning at the high school and college levels, and over the course of two years will complete a number of required foundational courses. If students acquire the required number of credits and maintain a minimum grade point average, they will receive a high school graduation certificate recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. Afterward, students can directly enroll into their state college’s sophomore year, or apply to transfer to the American school of their choice.


5. “1+4” Preparatory School to Undergraduate Program

This program offers students a specially designed English language course before they begin their undergraduate studies. During their first year, students will participate in intensive language courses, preparing themselves for the University’s language exam. After one year, and after they pass their required exams, they are given the opportunity to choose an academic major and continue the next four years of their undergraduate studies. After the completion of the language course, students are also given the option to apply to any other school of their choice.


6. “3+1” Undergraduate Dual-degree Program (China, US)

Students complete the first three years of their undergraduate studies at a Chinese university and then complete their last year of courses at a US college or university. Once completed, students are awarded a dual degree from both their Chinese and US universities. Afterward, students can continue to apply for graduate and doctoral programs elsewhere in the United States.


7. “3+2” Five-year MBA Program (China, US)

This program offers students a chance to complete their undergraduate business courses at a Chinese university over the course three years, and then finish their MBA in two years at a US university. Students will receive both an undergraduate degree and an MBA degree in just five years.